The Government of Japan offers a scholarship program for “TEACHER TRAINING STUDENTS” to qualified Vanuatu teachers to study in Japan.
Field of Study
The study/training is implemented only in the universities/study courses listed in a webpage of
"Course Guide of Japanese Studies Program".
(1) Age: Applicants must be born on or after April 2, 1987.

(2) Academic Background: Applicants must satisfy the following two conditions.

(2-a) Applicants must be graduates of universities or teacher training schools and have worked as teachers at primary/secondary educational institutions or teacher training schools (excluding universities) in their home countries for a total period of five years or more as of October 1, 2022. In-service faculty members in a higher education institution are not eligible.
(2-b) Japanese Language Ability: Applicants must be willing to learn Japanese. Applicants must be interested in Japan and be willing to deepen their understanding of Japan after arriving in Japan. Applicants must also have the ability to do research and adapt to living in Japan.
(3) Term of Scholarship: The scholarship period is the necessary period for the completion of the accepting university’s training course, which should be between October 2022 (or the starting month of the course) and March 2024. Extension of the scholarship period is not permitted.
Selection Process
a. Application Deadline: 4 February 2022 (Application forms must reach the Ministry of Education & Training (Scholarship Section))
(Please write “MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship - Teacher Training 2022” on your envelope).
b. Examination (English/Japanese) and Interview: Middle of February 2022
c. Announcement of Primary Selection: End of February 2022
d. Announcement of Successful Candidates: End of May 2022
Guidelines and details
Application Form
Placement Preference Application Form
Certification of Health

For any inquiry, please contact our office below;
1 Embassy of Japan in Vanuatu
 Tel: 29393 / email: embjpn@vu.mofa.go.jp
2 Ministry of Education & Training, Education Service Department
 Tel: 22309 /33500

Completed forms must reach the Ministry of Education & Training (Scholarship Section) by 4:00pm on 4 February 2022.